FERCAM Austria: your partner for full and partial truck loads

    FERCAM Austria is specialised in full and partial loads of non-dangerous goods. Every day we transport goods such as steel, paper and wood and also furniture and food to satisfy all our international clients.

    Why you should choose FERCAM Austria:
    • Quick processing of big volumes
    • Enough cargo area at your disposal (with more than 2,000 certified partners and more than 15,000 lorries)
    • 365 days a year at your disposal
    • Experience with big companies

    FERCAM Austria offers the highest quality and reliable service through:
    • Constant control of the truck fleet, which includes over 2000 certified partners, with access to over 15,000 permanently available partners.
    • A strict selection process and annual partner audits.
    • Qualified, multilingual employees to support our customers and partners.
    • Optimal credit ratings from Coface, Creditreform, etc.
    • ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certification
    • Certified environmental management system (ISO 14001)
    • Austria’s Leading Companies in 2016
    • In 2018 FERCAM Austria is awarded the Hermes Business Prize

    Are you a carrier?

    FERCAM Austria is looking forward to working with you!
    We organize more than 8000 full loads per month in Europe, Russia and Central Asia. You too can benefit from working with us.
    Your advantages are:
    • Long-term and permanent employment of your vehicles on circuits or on individual routes.
    • Employment at any time, in any crisis
    • Secure and prompt payment for your transport service at unique conditions
    • You work with a company with TOP CREDIT
    • We have loads all over Europe. You decide on which routes
    • Possibility to book inexpensive ferries / tunnels through us
    • We speak your language
    • Available 24/7
    • few empty kilometers

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